Visiting Dutch expert

The Netherlands is a front runner when it comes to implementing innovative approaches that provide safe and stimulating environments for people with dementia (more). Dr. Frans Hoogeveen is a well known Clinical Psychogeriatric Psychologist who assists organisations in implementing these innovative approaches in day-to-day care.

During Care-Metric’s 2018 Health Care Study Tour to the Netherlands the participants attended a lecture on how he introduces “errorless learning” to residents with dementia in an aged care facility. The participants were so impressed that they suggested “Dr Frans”, as he was quickly called, should come to New zealand to tell this story.

The result was a five day workshop in February 2019. Over 150 people attended and discussed the following topics, among others:

• Aspects of dementia
• Living with people that have dementia
• Intimacy and sexuality
• Learning and dementia
• Quality of life for people with dementia
• Dementia and challenging behaviour

In February 2020 “Dr Frans” is coming to New Zealand again. This time he will focus on two or three issues and discuss how these can be approached in day-to-day care. His presentations are riddled with video fragments that illustrate clearly the points he wants to make. It is one thing to hear what is possible, it is quite another when you want to apply this within your own organisation.

If you are interested in hosting “Dr Frans” for a day during his time in New Zealand, please contact or call 021-897605. Below you will find a video of a presentation in which he discusses some of the strategies he used to overcome challenging behaviour in residents with dementia.

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