Our way of working

Care- Metric Ltd employs the quality and safety improvement processes of Walter Shewhart and Edward Deming. In the later years of his life Deming developed his “system of profound knowledge” (SoPK). He argued that each manager needs to look through this lens in order to manage business processes (including improvement) effectively.

Edward Deming and his quadrants of SoPK

The quadrants

  1. Knowledge of a system: Understanding the interaction between all of the processes that take place within a system;
  2. Knowledge of variation: Understanding the range and causes of variation in each of the organisation’s process;
  3. Theory of knowledge: Understanding the concept of knowledge and its influence on change;
  4. Knowledge of human behaviour: Understanding the influence of people on change.

These two videos by Robert Lloyd from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement explain all this in more depth, using the useful example of hand-washing compliance.


Care-Metric also employs the tried-and-true PLAN-DO-STUDY-ACT cycle to manage improvement initiatives. Improvement does not happen overnight and is often referred to as a continuous process. Improvement can only take place when changes are made, however these changes can have a destabilising effect on the organisation. Allowing changes in small steps will reduce this  risk and help build support within the organisation.  Going through multiple P-D-S-A cycles will brings the organisation together, helping it move successfully in a new direction.

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